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Original article

  • 1.Direct comparison of retinal structure and function in retinitis pigmentosa by co- registering microperimetry and optical coherence tomography Funatsu J, Murakami Y, Nakatake S, Akiyama M, Fujiwara K, Shimokawa S, Tachibana T, Hisatomi T, Koyanagi Y, Momozawa Y, Sonoda KH, Ikeda Y; PLoS One. 2019/12/12 [Epub ahead of print]
  • 2.Disinfectant potential in inactivation of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis-related adenoviruses by potassium peroxymonosulfate. Hashizume M, Hashizume M, Aoki K, Ohno S, Kitaichi N, Yawata N, Gonzalez G, Nonaka H, Sato S, Takaoka A; Eur J Ophthalmol 2019/12/09 [Epub ahead of print]
  • 3.Assessment of clinical signs associated with adenoviral epidemic keratoconjunctivitis cases in southern Japan between 2011 and 2014. Aoki K, Gonzalez G, Hinokuma R, Yawata N, Tsutsumi M, Ohno S, Kitaichi N; Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis. 95(4):114885, 2019/12/01
  • 4.Genetic LAMP2 deficiency accelerates the age-associated formation of basal laminar deposits in the retina Notomi S, Ishihara K, Efstathiou N, Lee JJ, Hisatomi T, Tachibana T, Konstantinou E, Ueta T, Murakami Y, Maidana DE, Ikeda Y, Kume S, Terasaki H, Sonoda S, Blanz J, Young L, Sakamoto T, Sonoda KH, Saftig P, Ishibashi T, Miller JW, Kroemer G, Vavvas DG; Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 226(47):23724-34, 2019/11/19
  • 5.RIP1 kinase mediates angiogenesis by modulating macrophages in experimental neovascularization Ueta T, Ishihara K, Notomi S, Lee JJ, Maidana DE, Efstathiou NE, Murakami Y, Hasegawa E, Azuma K, Toyono T, Paschalis EI, Aihara M, Miller JW, Vavvas DG; Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 116(47):23705-13, 2019/11/19
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Review article

  • 1.Innate immune response in retinal homeostasis and inflammatory disorders. Murakami Y, Ishikawa K, Nakao S, Sonoda KH; Prog Retin Eye Res. 2019/09/07 [Epub ahead of print]

Book chapter

  • 1.Acute Retinal Necrosis and Progressive Outer Retinal Necrosis Takeda A, Arima M, Ishikawa K, Hasegawa E, Murakami Y, Sonoda KH; Inflammatory and Infectious Ocular Disorders 2019:215-220, 2019/11/11

Oral & Poster presentation

  • 1.Differences in the macular curvature in retinitis pigmentosa among causative genes Koyanagi Y, Ueno S, Ito Y, Kominami T, Komori S, Okado S, Sayo A, Inooka D, Sonoda KH, Terasaki H; The 58th Annual Meeting of Japanese Retina and Vitreous Society, Nagasaki, Japan, 2019/12/07
  • 2.Genetic profiles of Killer cell Immunoglobulin-like Receptors and ligands in patients with Cytomegalovirus Anterior Uveitis  Yawata N, Siak J, Chee SP, Kawano Y, Yawata M, Sonoda KH; IOIS Congress 2019, Kaohsiung, Taiwan,, 2019/11/14
  • 3.A case of adult T-cell leukemia presenting with scleritis Hasegawa E, Yamana S, Yawata N, Takeda A, Sonoda KH; International ocular inflammation society, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2019/11/13
  • 4.Genotype and Clinical Characteristics of 8 cases with Bietti Crystalline Dystrophy Murakami Y, Fukushima M, Koyanagi Y, Akiyama M, Ikeda Y, Sonoda KH; 122nd Annual Meeting of the Korean Ophthalmological Society, Seoul, South Korea, 2019/11/01
  • 5.BET1L is associated with survival time in the Japanese population Akiyama M, Sakaue S, Takahashi A, Ishigaki K, Hirata M, Matsuda K, Momozawa Y, Okada Y, Terao C, Murakami Y, Kubo M, Kamatani Y; ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting, Houston, USA, 2019/10/16
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Symposium · Instruction · Workshop · Luncheon seminar etc.

  • 1.Therapeutic and diagnostic vitrectomy for viral infection and masquerade syndrome Sonoda KH; APVRS 2019 シンポジウム Uveitis and Ocular Inflammation Treatment, Shanghai.China, 2019/11/24
  • 2.Current management for non-infectious uveitis  Sonoda KH; 15th National Congress & 44th annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesia Ophthalmologist Association シンポジウム UVEITIS, Makassar,Indonesia, 2019/09/28
  • 3.Medical and Surgical Treatment for Viral Infected Uveitis Sonoda KH; 15th National Congress & 44th annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesia Ophthalmologist Association シンポジウム MACULAR & VASCULAR DISEASE, Makassar,Indonesia, 2019/09/27
  • 4.Novel predictors of treatment-requiring retinopathy of prematurity​ Arima M; The 123rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society​ The International Crosstalk Symposium by Young Ophthalmologists​, Tokyou,Japan, 2019/04/20


  • 1.Microaneurysm Imaging using Multiple En Face OCTA Image Averaging: Morphology and Visualization Nakao S, Kaizu Y, Wada I, Arima M, Yamaguchi M, Ishikawa K, Akiyama M, Sonoda KH; Retina Society Meeting London, UK, 2019/09/14
  • 2.Retinal and Vitreous Inflammation in Diabetic Retinopathy Nakao S; Meeting of Centre for Experimental Medicine in Belfast University Belfast, North Ireland, 2019/09/12
  • 3.“How is the Drug Pricing Reform Initiative Affecting Patient Access, Investment, and Innovation in Japan?” Kagimoto T; The 16th annual BIO Asia International Conference Tokyou,Japan, 2019/03/05